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    Hospital hopes to boost medical tourism with its pain reduction technology

    03:45PM, 06 April, 2023

    KOTA KINABALU: A private hospital here is aiming to complement the tourism sector in Sabah through its latest medical treatment.

    KPJ Sabah Specialist Hospital is the first private healthcare facility in the state to provide the cryoanalgesic treatment for musculoskeletal pain. The treatment is an alternative for patients who want to seek treatment for pain without surgical procedures.

    Orthopaedic consultant Dr Mohd Jazlan Mohd Adnan said it was quite common for people to experience different forms of musculoskeletal pain throughout their life.

    He said statistics revealed that seven out of 10 people experience incidences of knee and back pain.

    "While half of them will see their pain subside by themselves, one per cent of them will go for surgery, and the rest would need interventions.

    "This is where we come in to offer one of the alternatives in the form of a cryo-analgesic technique for pain relief therapy. This allows patients to return to their normal activities within a short period of time.

    "The treatment is meant for those who experience chronic pain of six weeks and above, even after undergoing physiotherapy and taking painkillers," he said during a press conference.

    Dr Jazlan, who is a specialist in sports surgery, pain interventionist and robotic surgery, said the treatment was for those who look for alternatives without having to resort to surgery.

    He added that the treatment for pain management has existed for five years in Western countries.

    He said the treatment could reduce up to 80 per cent of pain sensation, and the effects lasts up to two years.

    He added that the medical equipment for the cryoanalgesic treatment used to be available only in Peninsular Malaysia, but now KPJ Sabah Specialist Hospital was the only private hospital in the state which has been offering the service since February.

    Hospital director Mohamad Faizal Mohamed said Sabah has always attracted tourists from China, Japan and Korea and this revenue could now be expanded to include the medical tourism sector.

    "We are also targeting and promoting this easy procedure service, which is being given at a reasonable rate, has produced fast results to clients from the Middle East.

    "It is hoped that this will be an advantage for our hospital to help boost the tourism industry."


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