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    Huge Turn-up for Parentcraft Class

    05:13PM, 17 November, 2022

    Becoming a parent is a big life change, so it's a given that it'll take some time to get used to. Our Parentcraft class is aim to provide guidance and knowledge on the maintenance of health during pregnancy, preparation for labour, breastfeeding technique, and care for the baby as well as the role of your spouse.

    Last Saturday was a huge turn-up for our last Parentcraft this year when more than 20 mommies with their respective spouses came. We thank our guest speakers Dr. Norafidah Ahmad (Resident Consultant O&G), Mdm Ting Ing (Resident Physiotherapist), Srn Sharon & Srn Joyner (Midwives from the Maternity ward) and Ms. Jessica from StemLife and Prudential LSL Planners. 

    Newspaper clipping: https://www.utusanborneo.com.my/2022/11/13/ramai-peserta-sertai-parentcraft-class-kpj-sabah?fbclid=IwAR3dHB4nUQphjPWotRjghDVQTU5hNLnqvubTtcS2AxMm6q6GbPwnq4d-aws

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