• About Us

    KPJ Healthcare Berhad’s (KPJ) business is founded on the vision of being the preferred healthcare provider in the region. We are focused on delivering world-class quality healthcare services through our wide range of specialised healthcare solutions throughout our regional footprint across five countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Australia.

    Vision and Mission

    VISION – To Be the Preferred Healthcare Provider

    Our vision is to be the healthcare provider of choice by delivering exceptional healthcare services, focusing on compassionate care for our patients and a culture of continuous quality improvement. Towards this end, we will remain at the forefront of advances in medicine and science in our quest to provide a full continuum of healthcare services the need of our patients.

    MISSION – Delivering Quality Healthcare Services

    It is our mission to serve, heal and deliver world-class patient care led by a team of skilled and caring medical staff. We committed to maintain clinical excellence by focusing on healthcare academics and the use of latest technology to improve the health of our community

    CORE VALUES - Care For Life

    Our Values represent the philosophy and belief of our organization, and guide all our decisions and actions. As compassionate healthcare providers, we work in a climate of mutual trust and harmony to enable healing and care. We at KPJ Sabah are guided by the core values of Ensuring Safety, Delivering Service with Courtesy, Performing Duties with Integrity, Exercising Professionalism at All Times and Striving for Continuous Improvement; all of which is fundamental towards our commitment to 'Care for Life' in every aspect of our operation.
    Our core values create the framework for the work we do and affirms our commitment to serving all those in need KPJ Sabah Hospital is committed to providing comprehensive, patient centered Care for Life for our patron. The main aim is to provide quality healthcare in Sabah's private healthcare industry.

    • Ensuring SAFETY
    • Service with COURTESY
    • Exercising PROFESSIONALISM at all times
    • Performing duties with INTEGRITY