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    Executive Health Screening Package

    MYR 250.00

    Introducing our Executive Health Screening Packages, designed to provide comprehensive health assessments tailored to your needs and budget:

    Basic Package - RM250:

    Our Basic Package offers a comprehensive yet affordable health screening experience. It includes essential tests and evaluations to assess your overall health and identify potential risk factors. This package serves as a foundation for proactive health management.

    Standard Package - RM300:

    The Standard Package provides a more extensive health screening with additional tests and evaluations. It offers a comprehensive analysis of your health status, including measurements such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and basic organ function tests.

    Advanced Package - RM400:

    Our Advanced Package includes an expanded range of tests and assessments, offering a more detailed analysis of your health. It covers a broader scope, including kidney function tests, liver function tests, and more.

    Premium Package - RM500:

    For those seeking the most comprehensive health screening experience, our Premium Package offers a wide range of tests and evaluations. It includes advanced screenings for conditions like diabetes, thyroid function, and detailed lipid profile analysis.