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    Haji & Umrah Vaccination

    MYR 150.00

    Our Haji & Umrah Vaccination Package offers essential vaccinations required for individuals planning to undertake the pilgrimage (Hajj) or Umrah, providing protection against specific infectious diseases commonly encountered during such journeys. The package is priced at RM150 for one person and RM280 for two persons, making it accessible and affordable for pilgrims and their companions.

    Package Inclusions:

    Consultation: Each individual included in the package will undergo a consultation with our healthcare professionals to assess their specific vaccination needs based on their medical history, travel plans, and any pre-existing health conditions.

    Essential Vaccinations: The package includes a set of essential vaccinations recommended for those traveling for Hajj or Umrah. These vaccinations help protect against diseases prevalent in the pilgrimage regions and are often required for entry to those countries. Typical vaccinations may include:

    Meningococcal Vaccination: Protection against meningitis, a bacterial infection that can spread in crowded settings.

    Seasonal Influenza (Flu) Vaccination: Reduces the risk of influenza, which is common in mass gatherings.

    Other Required Vaccinations: Depending on the travel destination and health guidelines, additional vaccinations may be administered as necessary.

    Vaccination Certificates: Each individual vaccinated will receive a vaccination certificate as proof of immunization, which may be required for visa applications and travel clearance.

    Post-Vaccination Advice: After receiving the vaccinations, individuals will receive guidance on managing any common post-vaccination side effects and tips on staying healthy during their pilgrimage journey.

    Please Note:

    The package prices are RM150 for a single individual and RM280 for two individuals (double package) and may not include additional vaccinations beyond the essential ones mentioned.

    The vaccination package is specifically tailored for those planning to perform Hajj or Umrah. For other travel destinations or purposes, additional vaccinations may be required.

    For group bookings or more than two individuals, custom pricing options may be available upon inquiry.

    It is essential to provide accurate information during the consultation regarding medical history and any existing health conditions to ensure appropriate vaccination recommendations.

    The package prices are subject to change without prior notice.