An Imaging procedure for dynamic study which specialization examination area examined by doctors.

Fluoroscopy (Special Examination)

Special examination is an imaging procedure involving difference of positive contrast (Barium sulphate solvent or organic iodine suspension). The contrast media is given to the patient through tube, injection or oral.

1. Types of examination & the contrast used

Barium swallow
Barium meal
Barium enema - Dissolved Barium sulphate

2. Urinary System

IVU (Intravenous Urogram)
MCU (Mict. CystoUrethrogram) - Organic iodine suspension

3. Nerve System

Myelogram - organic Iodine Suspension

4. Vascular System

Arteriogram - Organic Iodine suspension

5. Others

- HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)
- T-Tube
- Sialogram
- Sinogram

( Please inform the nurse or radiographer if you are allergic to any drugs before examination on during the booking of appointment )