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Posted on 11:59AM, 4 February, 2020

Do you know there is a disease that cause from animals? This disease is known as Zoonotic.

This disease comes from dangerous germs like virus, bacteria, parasite and fungus. Some infected animals look healthy and doesn't show the symptoms.

Methods the virus transmit from animals to humans

1. Direct touch from animals, like body fluids, urine, impurities, saliva and blood

2. Indirect touch like cage, animal's food container and others

3. Transmited by mosquito or lice

4. Ate infected meat, or drink contaminated milk.

To prevent

1. Wash your hand after making contact with any animals

2. Avoid from being bitten or scratched

3. Cook the meat thouroughly

4. Avoid sick animals

5. Prevent mosquito bites.

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