• Patient Care

    We aim to make your hospital visit as comfortable, safe and positive as possible.<br> Our team is committed to providing exceptional care, and ensuring your transition back home is well coordinated by our dedicated staff.


    We are allowing visitors to all wards. The Management of KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital will be restricting the visiting hours to our inpatient ward as follows:-

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    Security Access Door

    All entrance to the wards is secured via a Security Access Door. Kindly press the bell when you wish to enter the ward.


    Our hospital observes a strict "NO SMOKING" code of practice within its premises following the Ministry of Health regulations.

    Infection Control

    Infection control is an essential part of quality health care. KPJ SSH has appropriate infection control practices in place to minimize infections. Patients and visitors are advised to practice hand hygiene at all times. Hands should be cleaned before and after visiting patients. Alcohol hand rub is conveniently located throughout the hospital for the use of staff, patients and visitors.

    Overnight stay

    As one of our infection control measures, we do not encourage family members staying overnight with patient unless patient is very ill. Immediate family members who wish to stay overnight may request for a lodger bed to be placed in the patient's room. However, this facility is available only in Single Rooms and is chargeable upon request. Please inquire the staff nurse on duty should you need assistance.

    Concerns & Complaints

    If we can be of any further service to you, or if you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to let us know.

    Whatever the occasion of your visit with us, we hope that you have found KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital a place of healing, and that you are satisfied with our quality service and facilities.

    If you have suggestions for us to enhance our service, or if you have any questions, please write them down or fill in our questionnaire that can be found in the information folder and drop them off in any of our suggestion boxes or hand it over to the nurse or you can submit through our E- Inquiry (refer to info graphic below)

    We appreciate your feedback in our quest for ongoing excellent service. 

    Email us: sqm@kpjseremban.com
    Tel: 606 768 6000 ext 1116/1117