• Patient Care

    Pre Surgery Admission

    You will be given a referral letter from the consultant once appointment is made for admission. Thus, you are required to sign a consent form before the operation.

    For Delivery

    Things to Bring for Admission
    - Mother's clothes
    - 1 Set Baby's clothes
    - Blanket/Towel for wrapping the baby
    - Mother Antenatal Card
    - Mother's Identity Card
    - Father’s Identity Card
    - Marriage Certification

    Birth Registration of your Baby:
    You should register your baby with the Sibu Registrar of Birth within 14 days of delivery. Our staff will provide you with the necessary documents & will give to you upon discharge.

    SSMC Delivery Pricing Guide
    Normal Delivery Packages: RM2300 or above
    Caesarean Delivery Packages : RM4300 or above

    Applicable to 1 night stay at 4 bedded room / Single Room only.

    This package only applicable to KPJ Sibu Specialist Medical Centre O&G Surgeon.
    *Term and conditions apply*

    The Price will include:
    Normal Delivery
    Normal Nursery
    One Night Stay
    O&G Specialist Delivery Fees
    Baby Check up by Paediatrician
    Baby Blood Screening
    Immunisation at Birth - Vitamin K, Hepatitis B, BCG
    Postnatal Antibiotic / Painkiller
    Anaesthetic Fees (Caesarean Package only)
    Surgery (Caesarean Package only)

    Delivery excludes the following treatment:
    Any special medical needs or requirements which are NOT included in the above pricing guide will be charged separately.
    - Induction of labour
    - Pain Relief in Labour – Epidural anesthesia
    - Vacuum delivery/Forceps delivery
    - Upgraderoom/extra day stay
    - Special nursing care for premature or ill baby
    - Non-routine treatment
    - Hepabig injection for baby of Hep B mother
    - Phototherapy of jaundice
    - Multiple pregnancies
    - Delivery of " Horoscope" baby
    - Additional lab. Tests and investigations Notes: All rates are subject to revision from time to time by SSMC. The rates are quoted for normal delivery without any complication. Prices may vary depending on any complication or special circumstance. Please call us for more information at 084 – 329900.

    During Your Stay
    As soon as you have cleared the admission process at Sibu Specialist Medical Centre, you will be escorted to your room by a hospital representative.
    All rooms are equipped with the following amenities:
    - Television ( Executive & Single Room)
    - Nurse Call System (available 24 hours a day & free of charge)
    - Attached bathroom and toilet
    - Adjustable bed
    - Portable table
    - Air-conditioner

    Doctor's Ward Round
    The attending doctor shall review your condition every day. We encourage you to inform the doctor if you have further discomfort or if you are unclear about your diagnosis or treatment plan.

    Nurses Call Services

    Our nurses are available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. All beds are fitted with a nurse call buzzer which you can use to contact the nurses should you need assistance at any time.

    Breakfast & Tea Snack
    Complimentary breakfast at 7:30am and afternoon tea at 3:00pm will be provided to the patients. First cup of Milo drink is available free of charge upon request (Delivery patients) and additional drink will be charged RM3 per cup.