• Patient Care

    We aim to make your hospital visit as comfortable, safe and positive as possible. Our team is committed to providing exceptional care, and ensuring your transition back home is well coordinated by our dedicated staff.

    Patient Services

    KPJTW KL Out Patient Clinics (Level 5)
    KPJ Tawakkal KL Specialist Hospital out patient clinics are for patients, who do not require emergency care and are stable with non acute healthcare problems, and illnesses.
    Appointment times are given but most clinics run on first-come-first-serve basis.
    Please visit our specialist doctors who are there for best and fastest possible care for your better health.

    KPJTW KL Day Care Clinic (Level 6)
    KPJ Tawakkal KL Specialist Hospital Day Care Clinics are for pre selected (Elective List) cases. Mostly set by surgeons to do minor procedures, where patients can be discharged from the hospital on the same day.
    Every procedure and treatment option under day care has its check list for patients, and this is well explained to every patients registered for day care procedure.

    KPJTW KL Emergency Services
    Our Accident & Emergency Services is located at Level 1 (ground floor). Emergency admissions and after office hours admissions are handled here. As well, Admissions during weekends and Public Holidays are also done at the A&E Services.

    KPJ Tawakkal KL Wellness Center (Level 6)
    The Wellness Centre (WC) at KPJ Tawakkal KL Specialist Hospital offers a range of various health screening packages for early detection of common medical disorders. High chances of getting a silent killer, i.e. Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease and Hypertension, can be reduced by leading a healthy lifestyle (i.e. regular exercises and proper diet) and going for regular check-ups. In doing so, you are taking charge of your health. Hence, early detection of diseases would mean early medical intervention.

    Our WC consists of a team of healthcare professionals that offer quality health screening in medical technology and equipment.

    Among the packages offered at WC are Lifestyle Screening Package, Optimal Screening Package, Vitality Screening Package,  and many more that you can call to inquire at Ext 6055.
    These packages also include a medical examination by a medical personnel and a medical report.

    General Advice/Information
    • Please schedule an appointment with our WC personnel for the test.
    • The entire health screening process will take between 2 t0 4 hours, depending on the health screening package that you select.
    • Kindly inform our personnel if you have any health problems such as chest pain or discomforts or tightness, or if you have undergone any procedure such as balloon angioplasty, stenting or bypass surgery.
    • If you are on any sort of medications, it is advisable to inform our personnel.
    • You are required to fast 8-10 hours prior to your test. Only intake of plain water is permitted.
    • It is also advisable not to consume alcohol for at least 8 hours prior to your test.
    • Please bring along appropriate shoes and comfortable attire if you are undergoing Stress Test (Treadmill).
    • Do not use contact lenses if your screening includes a vision test.
    • Please avoid bringing along valuables with you during the health screening.
    Your health screening report will be ready between 1 to 5 working days depending on the package that you selected, and the results will be interpreted by the attending medical personnel.

    Advice for Ladies
    • It is advisable to schedule your test 10 days from the 1st day of your menstruation.
    • If you are menstruating on the day of your appointment please call up WC to reschedule your test.
    Kindly inform the receptionist during registration if you are pregnant or suspected to be pregnant.
    Patient Services
    Operating hours for the Admission Counter:

    Monday – Friday :
    8.00am – 6.00pm

    Saturday :
    8.00am – 2.00pm

    Sunday & public holidays :

    Admission after office hour will be channeled to A&E services

    Our Admission office is located at Level 5, same as Consultant Clinic floor. Appointments for admission are made during your visit to the consultant's clinic. Planned admission can be made through Admission counter at level 5 from 8.00am till 6.00pm. Emergency admissions are made through the A&E Service at Level 1. Admissions made after office hours (after 6.00pm), during weekend, and on public holidays will be handled at the A&E Service.

    One of our patient safety goals is to identify our patient correctly. During registration for admission, you will be requested to present your identity card/passport or any other legal documents (Guarantee Letter) for registration purpose. For children under 12 years old, parents or guardian's identity is required for registration. Upon completion of registration, you will be requested to check and verify your particulars on the printed Admission Registration form. For return patient, you are advised to update your particulars and contact information during registration.

    Admission Packet
    Personal toiletries are available upon request and will be charged to your bill. Do feel free to enquire it from our ward staff.

    Pre-Surgery Admission
    You are required to sign a consent form before any surgery. For children under 18 years old, parents or guardians are required to sign the consent form for their children. Your consultant and the nurses will advise you on details regarding your preparation for surgery.

    Patient Accommodations
    KPJ Tawakkal KL Specialist Hospital is equipped with 200 beds, both private and semi-private. By choosing us, you can enjoy the privacy and comfort of a premier specialist hospital run by expert managerial and medical staff committed to the well-being and recovery of patients. Your room request will seriously be considered; however, room assignment is also depends on room availability and your specific medical needs.

    Security for Your Belongings
    During your stay here with us, it is not advisable to bring along your valuables. It would be safer for your family or close friends to take them home until you are discharged from the hospital. If this is not possible, your valuables can be kept in the safety box provided in every room. Please be reminded that the hospital will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of your valuables such as cash, jewellery, mobile phones, etc.

    This facility is available in all rooms. To call for internal services, please refer to the hospital telephone directory for extension numbers or press "0" for operator's assistance. To make external calls, please press "0" for operator's assistance. Charges for your external calls will be reflected in your hospital bill.

    Each room or bed is equipped with a television. If you encounter any problem with it please inform the nurses on duty.

    A choice of one complimentary newspaper is provided to all single room occupants.

    Medical Records
    A patient or his/her legal representative may have a copy of his/her medical records. With authorization from the patient, his/her copy of medical records will be sent to another facility. KPJ Tawakkal KL Specialist Hospital requires a complete signed consent form for authorization to release medical information to another party.

    Meal Services
    If you are under therapeutic diet, our Dietary service will ensure your nutritional requirements are met in accordance with your physician's orders.
    If you need advice on meal selection or have a question concerning your diet, you may request for Dietetic service. Our Dietitian will pay you a visit.

    Breakfast 7.15am - 8.30am
    Lunch 11.45pm - 1.00pm
    Tea 3.00pm – 3.30pm
    Dinner 6.30pm - 7.30pm