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    World Diabetes Day

    03:30PM, 14 November, 2022

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    It's World Diabetes Day!

    With this year's theme, "Education to Protect Tomorrow", we're providing free education on Diabetes from our Specialists, Consultants and Dietitian to help improve the lives of people.
    With interesting activities that we have conducted which are Diabetes Talk from Dr. Nagammai, Glucose Test, Diabetic Foot Care Examination, and Eye Diabetic Check, we've gained a lot of valuable tips and explanation on possible symptoms and ways to reduce diabetes risk.
    Thank you to Dr. Nagammai Thiagarajan, our Consultant Family Physician, for your valuable talk on Diabetes.
    Thank you to our customers for your participation in our event yesterday.
    We hope you gain valuable information about Diabetes and let's say NO to sugar now!
    KPJ THC wishes you sweetness in life and not in blood!

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