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    Hip, Knee & Ankle Rehabilitation Package

    MYR 1,380.00

    This package is applicable for various injuries of the hip, knee and ankle.

    This package includes:
    - Doctor consultation
    - Physiotherapy assessment
    - 8x Physiotherapy sessions
    - Various electro modalities for pain management (e.g.: Ultrasound, interferential current with hot pack or cryotherapy), exercise & ergonomic advice.

    Terms and conditions
    - Full payment of package is required upon registration
    - No refund of payment if more than 50% of treatment sessions have been done.
    - The package is not transferable to other payment for any items / treatments that is not included in the package.
    - Other clinical treatments / medical disposal / medication / lab test / radiological investigation / 6% gst / equipment are excluded
    - The package is not applicable for health tourism