• Introduction

    Our hospital, with our dedicated team of consultants and staff provides the very best of comprehensive medical care for you well-being and treatment, making this a place of healing and comfort for you.


    KPJ Kuantan Care & Wellness Centre is a subsidiary of KPJ Healthcare Berhad. The center strategically located in the residential area of Alor Akar. Formerly known as KPJ Kuantan Specialist Hospital, the building have been operating as hospital for the past 30 years.

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    KPJ Kuantan Care & Wellness Centre (KCWC) is a wellness center which facilitates all your concerns and needs. While KPJ is heavily involved in the healthcare industry, Kuantan Care & Wellness Centre compliments all the services provided by KPJ Hospitals. It’s an extended facility that gives additional options for clients and patients from all categories, from infants to senior citizens.


    As of today, KPJ KCWC offers services such as:

    • KPJ Kuantan Dialysis Centre

    • My KPJ Home (Assisted Living Care)

    • KPJ Mom & Baby (Confinement) Care Centre

    • KPJ iRehab (Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy)

    • KPJ Home Nursing & Diabetes Counselling

    • KPJ Sweatspa



    Our hemodialysis center consists of 16 bays completed with 2 isolation rooms for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C patients. We provide:

    • A team of Specialist Nurses (with Post-Basic in Renal Care) to ensure that your loved ones are at the highest of care

    • Spacious, clean & comfortable environment

    • Fitted with advanced technology

    • Food, blanket, TV and Wi-fi available

    • Comfy waiting area

    We accept personal cases as well as cases under insurance panels, JPA, ATM and SOCSO. Send your loved ones here with a peace of mind!



    We provide nursing care for elders and patients who require assistance in their daily life routine. The residents are all taken care of by a qualified nurse and this will allow the family members to not be worried about their loved ones. With the power of a little warm touch, a pinch of sweet smile, a bundle of kind words, a pair listening ear, it's a perfect home - away from home.



    Confinement is the most challenging phase after months of pregnancy & giving birth. A very good rest is needed to ensure the mom is healed both physically & mentally. Fret not mommies, our confinement team will take care of everything for you mommies so that you can regain your energy & bounce back to raise your baby gracefully! Cared by a team of State Registered Nurses (SRN) and trained certified midwives, KPJ Mom & Baby (Confinement) Care Centre is second to none! We offer comfort as at your own home by providing an all-inclusive, safe, reliable & caring environment. We offer comfort as at your own home, all to ensure that mommies get a well-deserved rest after those crucial moments of giving birth




    The road to recovery starts here. From back pain to stroke rehab, our physiotherapists are dedicated to assist you to feel better, move better & be better! Completed with well-trained physiotherapists, KPJ iRehab is also equipped with a gymnasium and cutting-edge technology equipment to restore one’s mobility, function and ability. We also provide packages for geriatrics as well as postnatal rehab to ensure that we can be a helping hand towards optimal health for all ages. Feel better, move better, be better.



    As physiotherapy helps you gain your gross motor skills back, Occupational Therapy on the other hand will assist you to regain your fine motor skills (example: how to hold a pen for writing). These skills are important to ensure that a patient can carry out day-to-day activities with an optimum result. In addition to that, our Occupational Therapists are skilled and well-equipped to treat pediatrics cases. Autism? ADHD? Speech Delay? Screen your child today as we are dedicated to help the small hands do big things!

    We specialized in developing skills for adults/kids with special needs. We turn hopeless into hope & impossible into possible.



    KPJ Home Nursing provides nursing care at the comfort of your own home. By bringing nursing care to your doorstep, you can also save the hassle, cost of travelling and skip long queues at hospitals and clinics depending on how severe the cases are. Home nursing care inclusive of wound dressing, post-natal & new born visits and others.

    As for Diabetes Counselling, the team consists of Specialist Nurses (with Post-Basic in Diabetes Management) to provide counselling, diet management, wound care management as well as medication education to diabetic patients. It is important to learn how to manage diabetes symptoms, reading glucose level or even how to use insulin whether it is for yourself or for your loved ones in order to avoid further complications and emergencies.



    Break a sweat every day! Consisting of 4 infrared sauna cabins, KPJ Sweatspa is not your regular spa. Apart from managing your beauty, the health benefits offered are far more fascinating for you to try it out. Among the benefits of infrared sauna are:

    Detoxifying | Weight Management | Relaxation & Stress Management | Pain Relief | Improve blood circulation | Skin Rejuvenation

    So let's detox & glow together!



    Looking forward to the future, KPJ KCWC aims to be a one stop wellness center that will complete services provided by the hospitals. This new business model is the first in KPJ group that will set the trend towards a healthy lifestyle. Our objective is to make your family healthy and happy by providing the best of care from the littlest to the eldest member in the family. Come & give us a visit today!


    No 51, Jalan Alor Akar, Taman Kuantan, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang
    General Line 
    09-567 8588
    Operation Hour 
    08:30 AM – 5:00 PM (MONDAY – SATURDAY)