• KPJ i-Rehab

    KPJ i-Rehab is a center that aim to restore the physical, sensory & mental capabilities that were lost due to injury illness or disease


     KPJ i-Rehab is a center that cares for patients suffering from back pain to stroke, and our physiotherapists are devoted to helping you feel better, move better, and be better! KPJ i-Rehab, in addition to well-trained physiotherapists, is outfitted with a gymnasium and cutting-edge technology equipment to recover one's mobility, function, and ability. We also provide geriatric and post-natal rehab programs to guarantee that we can assist people of all ages in achieving maximum health. Feel better, move better, and be better as a result. 

    Furthermore, Occupational Therapy physiotherapy will aid you in regaining your gross motor abilities, whereas Occupational Therapy will assist you in regaining your fine motor skills (example: how to hold a pen for writing). These abilities are necessary to guarantee that a patient can carry out day-to-day tasks as efficiently as possible.

    In addition to that, our Occupational Therapists are skilled and well-equipped to treat pediatrics cases. Autism? ADHD? Speech Delay? Screen your kid now because we are committed to assisting tiny hands in doing great things! We specialized in skill development for individuals and children with special needs. We transform the despairing into the hopeful and the unattainable into the conceivable.

    Package offered:

    1)  Stroke rehabilitation

    2) Orthopedics Rehab inclusive of:

    a.      Neck pain

    b.      Lower back pain

    c.      Sports injuries

    d.      Knee pain

    e.      Ligament sprain

    f.       Plantar fasciitis

    3)      Return-To-Work Program (Occupational Therapy)

    4)      Physical Assessment



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