• Dialysis Centre

    KPJ Dialysis Centre is a procedure to remove waste products and excess fluid from the blood when the kidneys stop working properly. It often involves diverting blood to a machine to be cleaned.

    KPJ Kuantan Dialysis Centre

    KPJ Kuantan Dialysis Centre –KPJ Kuantan Dialysis Centre is located in the old building of KPJ Kuantan Specialist Hospital (Old KPJ Kuantan). We are dedicated to providing excellent healthcare services to our clients. We are now expanding our facilities with upgraded capacity specially designed and run by well trained and experienced staff to meet the unique needs of patients undergoing dialysis treatment. 

    Our Facilities and our service including dialysis with full medical and resuscitation support. Assessment by Nephrologist on a three (3) month basis and assisted by a medic alluding dialysis with full medical and resuscitation support. More tolerable treatment with fully air conditioned room, television service Wi-Fi service, and optional private room for isolation. Waiting area for family members and also wheelchair service at the main lobby.

    Our Facilities & Services

    • Dialysis Services with full medical and resuscitation support.
    • Regular assessment by Consultant Nephrologists for better quality of life s
    • Modern Hemodialysis vs Hemodiafiltration services for patients.
    • More tolerable treatment with fully air-conditioned room, satellite television & Wi-Fi Services
    • Hepatitis B & C Isolation Room
    • Pleasant waiting area for family members
    • Wheelchairs are available if needed and you may request for a wheelchair at the lobby


    Dialysis Session

    • We perform 2 sessions of hemodialysis per day except on Sundays.
    • Dialysis commencement times are 8am & 12pm
    • On Public Holidays, the unit remains open for treatment as well.
    • We also cater for tourists who are visiting the region with prior appointment.
    • Upon your visit, patients are required to provide Dialysis Treatment Data for our reference.


    • Dialysis General Room and Hepatitis B & C Isolation Room

    • Accept long & short term (local & overseas) patient

    No Consultant Specialization
    1. Dr. Fariz Safhan Mohamad Nor VISITING NEPROLOGY
    2. Dr. Rohana Zakaria MEDICAL OFFICER IN CHARGE

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