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25 August, 2019

Rawatan Korona Lindungi Masalah Gigi Daripada Pecah
Struktur enamel gigi kanak-kanak yang tipis dan masalah kekurangan kalsium merupakan antara faktor yang menyebabkan masalah gigi pecah. More

21 July, 2019

Road to Recovery
Regain maximum function The goal of rehabilitation is to help patients with certain disabilities regain as much functional ability as possible, and aproper programme involves more than just a physiotherapist. More

12 November, 2018

Teaching Children with Autism to Read
In recent years, there is a growing national awareness that literacy is a civil right. As Malaysia envision a literacy rate target of 99 per cent by 2020 for all children and youth (Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025), all children are believed to have the capability of learning to read. More

8 November, 2018

Latihan Otak Bantu Individu Disleksia
Lambat bertutur, sukar mengingati dan sering keliru ketika menerima arahan merupakan sebahagian anda seseorang kanak-kanak itu mengalami masalah disleksia. More

28 October, 2018

Stroke Rehabilitation Programme
?Stroke is ranked as the second commonest cause of death in the world and the third most common cause of disability-adjusted life years according to the Global Burden of Disease, Injuries and Risk Factors study of 2010. More

26 August, 2018

Taking Care of Elderly Parents
If your aged parent suffers from stroke or not fit to be home alone due to medication needs or physical limitations after a surgery, KPJ Senior Living Care is a good choice for rehabilitative therapy, assisted living and post-operative care. More

20 March, 2018

Put Your Best Smile Forward
Losing natural teeth is unavoidable whether from gum diseases tooth decay or injury. It may cause facial muscles to sag, uncomfortable to eat and to speak. You may look older too. More

1 August, 2016

Improving Post-stroke Recovery with Rehabilitation
Stroke is called a 'brain attack' and occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bursts or gets clogge, affecting the blood supply to brain cells. The part of brain is deprived of oxygen and nutrients starts to die. More