Frequently asked questions about Cataract and Laser Vision Correction.

    Cataract Frequently Asked Questions

    When should I go for surgery?

    What if cataract is not removed?

    Does cataract surgery hurt?

    I have cataracts in both eyes. Will the surgeon treat both eyes at the same time?

    How long will I be in the centre for the surgery?

    How long before I can return to normal activities?

    Will I need glasses after cataract surgery?

    Can my cataract recur?

    Any precautions after surgery?

    Who do I call if I have a problem?

    Laser Vision Correction Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know if I'm a suitable candidate for laser vision correction?

    Do I need to lay off my contact lens before the comprehensive eye examination?

    What tests are being done during the eye examination?

    How long does the comprehensive eye examination take?

    Is the laser painful?

    What are the dos and don'ts after laser vision correction?

    Is the laser vision correction procedure risky?

    Are there any side effects after laser vision correction?

    Will my refractive error reoccur after the laser vision correction procedure?