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    Our centre, with our dedicated team of consultants and staffs provide the very best of<br> comprehensive medical care for you well-being and treatment, making this a place of healing and comfort for you.

    About Us

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    KPJ Pusat Pakar Mata Centre for Sight was established by a Corneal & Refractive Surgeon highly skilled in dealing with corneal diseases and problems involving the front of the eye.

    The facilities in our centre include a technologically advanced and sophisticated equipment that together with the expertise of our ophthalmologist offer quality eye care. The centre includes:

      • A team of well-trained Surgeons
      • Qualified and experienced Optometrists
      • Caring Nurses
      • Courteous Administrative Staff
      • A team of well-informed Procedure Counselors

    While most doctors welcome the growth in cosmetic surgery, our ophthalmic surgeons are not only progressive but also highly sensitive to our patients needs.

    As a patient, you would surely want to continue enjoying your improved vision years after the surgery. At Centre for Sight, we fully understand this. As such, our surgeons make time for you in order to help you with your decision as well as understanding the procedure.

    As technology advances, patients understanding is a top priority in deciding on Laser Refractive Surgery, particularly Lasik. In a busy world, is it possible to find time to rejuvenate your vision? The answer is a definite YES.

    Why do we say this? Lasik is, in most cases, a quick and often painless procedure with fast recovery. In fact, virtually all of our clients who have undergone this procedure are soon able to return to work.
    And the best part is that Lasik is safe. It is safe because:

      • All our surgeons meet strict trained and accreditation criteria for the procedure
      • We perform careful and thorough pre-operative assessment
      • We operate using equipment that is highly precise, safer and easier on patients

    Our Team

    As one, we work together to serve you better...

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