• Facilities and Technologies

    As a global provider of premium healthcare services, KPJ Tawakkal – Dental Specialist Centre is committed to world-class excellence in every aspect of healthcare. Our medical expertise and advanced facilities enable us to provide a one-stop continuum of care to cater to the rapidly growing demands of the markets we operate in.

    Latest Technologies in Dental

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    Reciproc Monitor

    The RECIPROC® one file endo system enables an effective and safe preparation with only one motor setting. Hence, no more time-consuming setting of parameters (angle or time) is required. The angles of reciprocation are precisely tuned to the RECIPROC® instrument, minimising the risk of fractures. Preparation with continuous rotary systems: Pre-programmed ideal torque and speed settings of every instrument for all major continuous rotary systems. More focus can be given to preparation and time-consuming programming steps are hence unnecessary

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    Implant Surgical Motor

    New Motor System for Implantology with sophisticated motor control for smooth and precise power delivery in any speed range.

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    Intra Oral Camera

    A camera that uses a small wand to take digital pictures (still or video) in the oral cavity for immediate viewing by the dental staff and patient. This method allows for viewing small areas that would be difficult to see without the camera's use.

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    Zoom Whitening System

    Is a bleaching process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin.

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    Digital Intra Oral X-Ray

    Used for bite wings and image of individual tooth.

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    Dental Microscope

    The compact, high-performing, easy-to-use OPMI pico offers solid support for the most demanding applications – whether in restorative dentistry, endodontics, implantology or periodontics.

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    inLab MC X5(CAD/CAM)

    A dental prosthesis in just a single visit • No unpleasant impression material

    • No bothersome temporary prosthesis
    • No follow-up appointment
    • Long term stability