• Health Tourism

    KPJ Tawakkal – Dental Specialist Centre is committed to provide our very best and and among the latest specialty health services and facilities to our international patients. Health Tourism department is committed to create and ensure an exceptional healthcare destination experience with limitless possibilities and exceptional quality catered to your needs.

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    Health Tourism


    Over the last decade, Malaysia has grown by leaps and bounds to become a medical tourism destination of high renown. KPJ Tawakkal – Dental Specialist Centre have been receiving many health tourist patients from all over the world for various kind of treatment.

    About Us

    More affordable air travel, exotic interesting places and reasonable medical treatments cost with complete facilities are the major reason why patients come to Malaysia. We at KPJ Tawakkal – Dental Specialist Centre focus on all aspects of our international patients' journey with us. Located at Kuala Lumpur , we provide you with the best specialist in dental services with comprehensive dental services such as Oral & Maxillofacial, Prosthodontic, Orthodontic & Endodontic with complete facilities, innovative technology and warm service to all our patient. Due to the demand for various services from our international patients, KPJ Tawakkal – Dental Specialist Centre has a dedicated and highly skilled professional team at each service to cater to all such needs of our valued patients. We offer the best treatment options available coordinate with agents, manage the arrangement of appointments, transportation arrangement and shuttle services arrangement when necessary. Post treatment follow-up can also be facilitated via online communication when appropriate.

    Service Provided

    We offer a wide range of service to cater to your needs during your treatment at our Centre.

    Service available

    • Medical Problem – Review of treatment options by relevant Specialist, estimated cost, scheduling of appointments and other related information.
    • Airport transfer and pick up service (upon request)
    • Visa extension service – assisting in necessary arrangement to help in extending your visa (if necessary)
    • Concierge Service - arrangement for accommodation, transportation, tours and sightseeing (upon request)
    • Interpreter Service - in order to understand the needs of our guests, we provide interpreters for Somali, Arabic, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese and Persian languages (other interpreters are brought in on a need-to-basis)

    Flow Process

    • Medical Appointment Letter
    • For some countries, in order to get treatment from a hospital in a foreign country, a Medical Appointment letter or invitation letter from the hospital is required. Our Centre will also assist in preparing the letter for these guests.
    • For more information, kindly proceed to Marketing, PR & SQM Department at Level 1, Lobby 2 or you may email to info@kpjhealthcentre.com

    Visa Extension Process

    Patient must request for visa extension at least one week before expiry of visa date. Patients are advised to prepare the related documents before booking the schedule for Visa extension within 2-3 days

    List of documents:

    • Letter from Consultant/Specialist
    • Current hospital/treatment bills
    • Patient's Passport
    • Related Charges (Payment in Ringgit Malaysia /RM)

    i) Before You Go Arrangements are made for international patients before they leave their countries in order to help them decide which treatment and specialties will best suit their needs. This information is communicated via email or through phone call and will help us and the patient to fully prepare on both their ends before the patient comes to Malaysia.

    We also recommend various hotel accommodations for the patient to suit their budget.

    ii) While You Are Here

    Upon arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), patients are provided with transportation facilities, subject to early request, by KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre. KLIA provides a comfortable lounge if you have to wait for your transport to arrive. Please notify the centre of any last minute change in plan and we will inform the doctor concerned so that the procedure can be rescheduled accordingly.

    If prior arrangements are not made, patients can seek information from concierge at the airport lounge on our centre contact details and contact us directly via email or phone call so that we can make arrangement for appointment with our doctors.

    Patients are then driven to the centre entrance where they will be guided to the respective services for their booked appointment and prior registration. This will reduce the patient's waiting time.

    A translator will be provided upon request.

    The doctor will conduct examinations and carry out treatments, as required. The patient is either will be taken to appropriate centre, clinics, treatment room, gymnasium or operations theaters as determined by the Doctor. After the treatment, they are discharged and escorted to the pharmacy (if require medications), before shuttle back to their hotels.

    iii) For the Family Additional activities can also be arranged upon request by the patient. Catering not just for patients, the team also looks out for family and friends accompanying the patient by providing shuttle services to popular shopping centres and tourist destinations, while the patient is undergoing treatment

    How to get to KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre

    By Air

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    KLIA or the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is one of the largest airport in Asia. Many international airlines stops here. From KLIA you can travel to all the international and domestic airports in Malaysia (check our Transport page). If you are on Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia, you will get connecting flights easily and cheaper, and probably get your luggage checked through to any domestic airport in the country. You can check-in at KL Sentral for many flights on Malaysia Airlines.

    For those travelling by rail or air, KL Sentral is the place to check-in or buy your ticket if you are in KL. Passengers on Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia can check in at the city centre and take the ERL - an express train straight to the airport. (www.kliaekspres.com).

    The cheapest way to get to KLIA and LCCT (Low cost carrier terminal) to and from KL, is by bus. There are many buses shuttling between the airports and the KL Sentral. There is at least on bus per half hour during the day from KL Sentral to the LCCT.

    Malaysia-Singapore low cost or budget airlines Air Asia, Firefly, Jet Star or Tiger Airways flies from KLIA to Singapore daily. Book online to get best rates

    Important note: Budget airlines are point to point air services, so be sure to have 3 hours interval between your flight schedule, if you have to get a connecting flight at KLIA, Malaysia or Changi, Singapore. Also note that AirAsia flies to LCC Terminal (KLIA) while FireFly flies to Subang Airport (KL). Passengers on other airlines are advised to check which airport the plane lands!

    Travel tips: Fares are not fixed on low cost airlines so book early or fly during weekdays to enjoy low fares. Check and compare rates online

    By Rail

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    The main Railway Station, KL Sentral, is located in the heart of the city. Trains stops at KL Sentral or the main Railway Station. Malayan Railways or KTMB operates intercity express services daily serving several towns. The main rail track cuts the length of the west coast of West Malaysia, from the Malaysia-Thai border at Padang Besar, through Alor Star, Butterworth, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban and Johor Bahru, and ends in Singapore. You can also travel from KL to the east coast of West Malaysia, right up to Tumpat in the state of Kelantan. Be aware that train is a slower option when travelling in the peninsular and there are few services.

    By Road

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    The best option to get out of the city and travel to other parts of peninsular Malaysia is to travel by road. Roads from Thailand and Singapore link directly to Malaysian roads. The North-South expressway cuts the length of the peninsular and centers at KL. Trunk roads in the peninsular is also linked to KL. There are numerous daily express coaches or buses that operate from KL to all major towns in peninsular Malaysia and to Singapore

    and Thailand. You can buy tickets at the express bus terminals.

    Money Changer Service

    We also provide money changer service. Please inform our Marketing Services Personnel at Main Lobby Counter on the amount you wish to exchange and we will contact the Money Changers to do the transaction with you at our centre.

    Pick-up Service

    At KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre, we offer airport pick up service from your arrival point up to the centre. However, if patient would like to make their own way here, getting a taxi from the airport is the best option and is very convenient for them.

    Patient are advised to go directly to the taxi service counter at the airport, inform the counter staff on the destination, pay up front the taxi fare at the counter and wait for the arrival of airport taxi service.

    If you arrive through KLIA and KLIA2, you can also use other alternatives, such as by bus, KLIA express train, and KLIA Transit to reach to our centre.

    It is also suitable for those who come to Malaysia for vacation purposes and back packers.